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Run an automated, paperless practice from anywhere


Access your clinic from anywhere

Finish your notes from home and access your practice from anyware in the world from your computer, tablet or phone. Open Dovetail in your internet browser within a secure cloud-based environment.

Secure cloud-based environment

Access Dovetail from any internet browser. Your data is automatically backed up (protected from theft, fires, etc.) and is HIPAA compliant

Reduce admin work with integrations and automations

Reduce no shows and increase follow-up appointments. Maximize billable hours and minimize human errors through automated tasks and workflows.

Intuitive and easy to use interface

Get up and running in days and onboard new staff quickly. Increase your oversight and control. Minimize single-person dependencies.

All in one platform

All data, x-Rays and patient information accessible through your Dovetail app, no intermediate software or bridging required.

Make your records your way

Write, draw, type or use voice to create your medical notes. Use existing templates or create your own.

Great tool to digitalize the Medical chart, the learning curve was fast, the software is very intuitive and easy to use. Excellent customer service with fast responses. Dr. Ilan Hecht,
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