Dental Practice Management Solution

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A fast, easy and cost effective scheduling solution for your practice. Scheduling patient exams and treatment can be a daunting task. Support staff can spend hours scheduling patients and reminding them about upcoming appointments. Dovetail’s highly visual scheduling solution automates your appointment reminder and confirmation processes with e-mails and SMS, delivering a fast, efficient and paperless way to communicate with your patients.


Dovetail’s e-mail and SMS appointment confirmation feature allows patients to instantly respond to appointment reminders. Once confirmed, the appointment’s status is automatically updated in Dovetail’s schedule. At a glance, you can see which patients have confirmed their appointments and which still need a confirmation call. With Dovetail, missed appointments and empty chairs are a thing of the past.


Dovetail’s medical billing feature takes all the paper and most of the work out of billing your patients. Invoices are ready faster, speeding payment and improving cash flow.


With Dovetail’s payment processing solution, you can process credit cards directly from your mobile device. Enjoy secure mobile payment processing for all major debit and credit cards while benefiting from a low transaction rate. That means no need for a dedicated payment system and more money in your pockets.


Dovetail’s electronic insurance claims solution enables dental offices to receive patient plan benefits directly from insurance companies. Easily submit your insurance claims and quickly check their status. Filing dental claims electronically eliminates the data entry and follow-up steps required by paper claims. The claims are submitted more efficiently and accurately, speeding turn-around time and improving cash flow.


Dovetail’s dashboard gives you an instant snapshot of your daily activities enabling you to better manage all aspects of your practice in real time and on the go. Dovetail neatly displays all of your vital practice information—including patient check-in status, staff and collaborator messages, intelligent reminders about completing patient files, key financial metrics and more—in one concise view.

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