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Med History

Dovetail’s patient medical history is a simple, efficient and self-completed questionnaire for patients to enter their medical history. The history automatically appears as soon as you open the patient’s file so you never miss important medial alerts such as pre-medication and allergies. This allows you and your staff to have up-to-date accurate medical history at your fingertips.


Charting has never been so easy! Thanks to Dovetail’s efficient, accurate and user-friendly exam features, performing dental charting is quick and simple. Our advanced odontogram takes patient dental assessment to another level. Whether you’re a general practitioner or specialist, Dovetail’s dental office software offers clinical charting to suit your needs. Access your clinical information from anywhere on any device.


Enhance your treatment planning workflow using Dovetail‘s patent-pending Intuitive Treatment Plan (iTP). It’s virtually the central hub of Dovetail as you can plan and execute treatments, enter progress notes, invoice, submit claims and even coordinate your patients’ care. The iTP makes treatment recommendations a breeze for you and your patients.


Quality clinical information is the foundation of Dovetail’s progress notes. Enter detailed information easily on the go by typing or using voice-recognition technology. Your progress notes are stored securely and are available at all times from anywhere.


Dovetail Connect™ is a powerful communication and collaboration tool for dental professionals. It simplifies the patient referral process between dentists and specialists. The tool provides instant notifications when patients are ready to be seen, and lets you start live chats and share documents (e.g., patient information, exams, x-rays) with collaborators with a simple click. The tool also keeps track of all your communications you don’t have to worry about paper trails.


Imagine if you could access your patients’ x-rays when you’re out of the office. Dovetail makes that possible. Simply drag and drop your x-rays into your patient’s Dovetail file and you can access them remotely from your iPad, laptop or desktop. From panoramic to multiple x-rays, the process is fast, reliable and simple. No bridge needed. Your x-rays are available safely anytime you want to access them.

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