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How to Get Your Staff On Board the EHR Revolution

How to Get Your Staff On Board the EHR Revolution

Cloud EHR systems offer numerous advantages to dentists including improved efficiency, lowered costs, and reduced billing and coding errors. But it is not just important that the dentist use the software, it is vital that all of the practice’s employees use the software for its benefits to be fully realized.

Some users can feel resistant to transitioning to a new EHR because they are uncomfortable with new software or are not used to working with mobile devices. Addressing concerns and ensuring that everyone is comfortable with the new EHR can help to ensure a successful transition.

Here are a few ways to help motivate your staff and get them excited about the change:

1. Create buy-in
No one likes being forced to change their routine, especially if they have been working in a certain way for a number of years. Depending on their roles and responsibilities, each staff member will use the EHR in different ways. It is important to explain to each individual how they will benefit from using the software. Make the transition personal and involve everyone who will be using the software.

2. Prepare your staff
The transition to a new EHR system involves the training of each individual user. This doesn’t mean that one general training will meet the needs of everyone. The intensity and type of training can vary greatly depending on the individual. For example, an older but experienced employee might need extra support with their computer skills whereas a new receptionist who is extremely computer literate but is not acquainted with the workflows of your practice may need to familiarize themselves with procedures before using the new software. Identifying these gaps and providing appropriate training is the key to a smooth transition to a new EHR. To learn more about supporting user groups transition read our blog post Easing the EHR Transition by User Group.

3. Make users comfortable with the system
Once the staff has been trained in the new software they need to become accustomed to working with its interface and features. It can be useful to do a few practice runs before going live to reduce nervousness and increase confidence. This can be done by walking the staff through a typical workday using the new EHR and making sure that all questions and concerns are answered before the software is implemented.

4. Encourage feedback and participation
It’s important to include all of the users in the transition to a new software. Make sure to involve everyone throughout the rollout process and encourage them to give feedback about the software. Invite them to report bugs, give suggestions for improvements and offer helpful tips to others who might be struggling.

Users can make or break the transition to a new application or practice management system. Enthusiastic and motivated employees are more likely to be productive and efficient with an EHR system, whereas untrained and underprepared staff can easily derail the entire process. When considering the transition to a new EHR, involve your staff in the process and support them through proper training.


– Dr. Pietro Di Battista

Pietro Di Battista

Dr. Pietro Di Battista, Dovetail Founder & Chief Executive Officer, runs a successful private periodontics practice, and is a senior lecturer at different dental venues, study clubs and professional conferences. Pietro has served as Director of Clinical Periodontology at McGill University. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from Concordia University, and a D.D.S. and a M.S.D. from Case Western Reserve University. His hobbies include hockey and mixed martial arts.