Dovetail Connect: a New Cloud-Based Sharing Platform for Dental Professionals

The new mobile cloud-based technology will facilitate the patient referral process and simplify the process of sharing and collaborating between dental professionals.

MONTREAL – Gaargle Solutions Inc. (Gaargle) today announced the launch of Dovetail Connect, a new cloud-based platform built to facilitate collaboration between dental professionals by allowing them to refer patients, share documents, cooperate on treatment plans and communicate with each other with just a simple click.

Dovetail Connect increases patient referral efficiency for dentists and provides them with real-time updates from specialists. Dovetail Connect then allows specialists to provide better services to the referring dentist, thereby increasing patient referrals. Finally, patients no longer have to provide their entire medical history each time they visit a different dental professional.

The communication process between dental professionals is ineffective. Dentists and specialists have too long relied on fax and email to communicate, said Dr. Di Battista, Gaargle’s founder and CEO. Dovetail Connect’s aim is to change this by allowing seamless and secure (HIPAA compliant) sharing of sensitive patient information over the cloud.

This past June, Gaargle launched Dovetail, a cloud-based electronic dental record and practice management solution. Dovetail Connect adds on to this by bringing the same focus of ease and simplicity to the patient referral process and collaboration between dentists and specialists, so they can spend less time managing files and more time taking care of their patients.

Dovetail Connect is offered to dental professionals for a low monthly fee. It is also available as part of other packages. To learn more about Dovetail Connect, please visit:

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