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Migrating your Dental Software

Most dental practice software systems rely on outdated client server technologies accessible only from on-premises desktop computers. Dovetail replaces that system with a fully integrated clinical / EHR and practice-management suite delivered on a cloud-based platform, providing you a robust, secure and available solution for your dental practice.

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Cost of ownership

Cost of ownership

  • High upfront purchase.
  • Additional fees for software training, nightly back-ups.
  • Server replacement costs.
  • Require paying add-ons for patient reminder communications, x-ray imaging software.

All included in your low monthly price. Plus get the latest version of the software instantaneously for no additional fee.




On-going software maintenance fees and burden to maintain server and desktop hardware while managing data backups and security.

Always updated with no hassle maintenance, 99.99% uptime guarantees, full backups, failover redundancy and robust security.




Local based means it is only accessible when you are physically at the office, leaving you helpless when you’re on the road or away from your clinic.

Cloud based and truly mobile means you can access your patient data and clinical records from your tablet device or desktop PC from anywhere, allowing you to be more efficient and responsive to your patients.

Digital vs. Paper

Digital vs. Paper

Digital vs. Paper

Often still require some paper trail to compensate for their lack of optimized digital workflows.

Dovetail was designed as an automated and paperless dental practice system that ensures greater efficiency and productivity.


Converting from existing software

Easy peasy!

We can convert your data from any of the following:

  • ACE Dental
  • Boomerang
  • Computer Age Dentist
  • Curve Hero
  • Datacon
  • Dental Mac
  • Dental Mate
  • DentalWorks
  • Dental Vision
  • Dentech
  • Denticon
  • DentiMax
  • Dentisoft
  • Dentrix G5 / G6 / G7
  • Dentrix G4 (V14)
  • Dentrix G2 and Lower
  • Diamond Dental
  • Doc-Aide
  • Dolphin Softdent
  • DOM Softrix (DOS)
  • DSN Perio Exec Suzy Dental
  • DOX Umbie
  • Eaglesoft
  • Easy Dent
  • Easy Dental
  • Endo Vision
  • First Pacificorp
  • Genesis
  • Gold Dental
  • iDentalSoft
  • Improvis
  • JDent
  • MacPractice
  • Mogo
  • OaSys
  • Open Dental
  • Ortho 2
  • OrthoTrac
  • PBS Endo
  • XLDent
  • Practice Works
  • Premier Pro
  • QSI
  • Softdent
  • Softrix (DOS)
  • Suzy Dental

Your software is not on this list?

No worries, this list is updated every week and we still have got you covered.

All your data and information will be converted

  • Appointments
  • Chairs/Rooms
  • Insurance Plans
  • Fees
  • Fee Schedules
  • Images
  • Notes
  • Patient Information
  • Rx History
  • Planned Services
  • Providers
  • Referrals
  • Referral Sources
  • Transaction History

Discover How Dovetail Can Change Your Practice

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Assign permissions.
Secure communications.
GDPR compiant


Data Encryption

Secure communication.
SSL encryption



HIPPA Compliance,
PCI compliance