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Front Desk and Practice Management

Streamline the front desk experience by leveraging automation tools and digital workflows. Easily access schedules and patient files or notify colleagues of patient arrivals. Quickly complete invoicing and maximize insurance reimbursement.



Keep your schedule fully booked and reduce no-shows. Automatically schedule follow-up appointments and increase patient retention. Let your patients book online and reply to your confirmation emails or SMS notifications. Customize appointment block colours to match your clinic’s needs. Easily search for available time slots based on your criteria. Minimize errors with drag and drop prescribed procedures to be scheduled in their predetermined duration.


Patient communications

Allow patients to instantly respond to appointment reminders with Dovetail’s e-mail and SMS appointment confirmation feature. Once confirmed, the appointment’s status is automatically updated in Dovetail’s schedule. See at a glance which patients have confirmed their appointments and which still need a confirmation call. Missed appointments and empty chairs are a thing of the past!



Get an instant overview of your daily activities and manage vital aspects of your practice in real time and on the go. See patient check-in status, staff and collaborator messages, daily billings, smart reminders about completing patient files, key financial metrics and more—in one concise view.


Dovetail Connect

Communicate with staff in the next room, or with referring doctors in the next city within a secure intra- and inter-office communication tool. Simplify the patient referral process between dentists and specialists by chatting live and sharing documents (e.g., patient information, exams, x-rays) with a simple click. Get instant notifications when patients are ready to be seen, and keep track of all your communications - you don’t have to worry about paper trails.



Speed up invoicing and payments and improve cash flow. Dovetail’s billing features takes all the paper and most of the work out of billing your patients.


Payment Processing

Enjoy secure mobile payment processing for all major debit and credit cards while benefiting from a low transaction rate. No need for a dedicated payment system and more money in your pockets.



Speed up your turn-around time, eliminate errors and improve cash flow by submitting your insurance claims digitally. Receive patient plan benefits directly from insurance companies and quickly check claim status. Eliminate data entry and follow-up steps required by paper claims.

e-Prescriptions (US only)

* Electronic Prescribing for Controlled Substances and Legend Drugs.

Sign up to e-Prescriptions through our partner DrFirst which includes legend drug e-prescribing and decision support for electronic prescribing of controlled substances to create a seamless, single workflow for all your prescribing needs.


Predictive Analytics

Powered with DrFirst’s SmartSuite predictive analytics technology, Rcopia e-prescribing software “learns” your e-prescribing patterns in order to facilitate medication decisions with fewer clicks, cleaner signature instructions and a reduced need for “back-and-forth” pharmacy clarifications.

Clinical Alerts

Clinical Alerts are designed to make prescribing safer for the patient and more efficient for you, including drug-drug, drug-allergy, dosing, and duplicate therapy alerts, patient-specific formulary guidance, and provider-specific drug favorites functionality.

Medication Adherence Monitoring and Behavioral Support

The Patient Advisor toolbar within Rcopia alerts you to patients at risk for non-adherence and empowers you with tools to encourage compliance, including diagnosis-specific education resources, financial savings opportunities, and behavioral support programs for your patients.



Assign permissions.
Secure communications.
GDPR compiant


Data Encryption

Secure communication.
SSL encryption



HIPPA Compliance,
PCI compliance