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Great tool to digitalize the Medical chart, the learning curve was fast, the software is very intuitive and easy to use. Excellent customer service with fast responses to doubts and are very open minded to feedback for improvements.
Dr. Ilan Hecht Hecht Smile

The Dovetail Platform

Using any mobile or desktop platform, Dovetail’s cloud based, personalizable, EHR software facilitates intuitive patient care. From medical history, insurance claims to financial reporting, Dovetail will make you smile as you experience first hand the recovery of wasted time and the subsequent opportunities in revenue growth.

Dovetail Screens Features

We Continue to Innovate

Managing your practice has never been easier with these smart features.

3 New Patient


Dovetail has developed an ultra optimized scheduler and patient file manager. With just 2 clicks, you can create a new patient file and schedule an appointment.

5 Odontogram


Dovetail’s fully integrated mobile solution enables dental offices to become 100% paperless virtually overnight! Access your account from anywhere at any time. No updates or backups required.

7 Progress Note


Standard features include adding, deleting and modifying questions, steps and inputs to exams, treatment plans and progress notes.