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Clinical & Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Improve efficiency and follow an easy charting workflow. Customize your notes and automate tasks. Access all patient information in one view including a completely integrated file history.



From panoramic to multiple X-Rays, directly scan X-Rays from any TWAIN-compatible sensor right into the patient’s file. No bridge required through our cloud capture. Easily drag and drop X-Rays received from referrals from your desktop into your patient’s Dovetail file.



Designed to suit general dentists and specialists, dovetail’s odontogram is ergonomically designed and takes patient assessment to another level. Draw on and customize your odontograms with symbols. Your perio charging is taken care of in the same interface.


Progress Notes

Easily create personalized and shared templates for the notes that you write the most through an intuitive drag and drop interface. Tailor the clinical exam to your needs by adding, deleting and modifying the questions, steps and inputs of an exam, treatment plan or progress note. Creating your own tables, checklists or numbered options, to automatically record information ranging from the types of disease or ailments a patient may be suffering from, to the materials used in restorative or surgical procedures. Choose from a list of premade templates, or create your own from scratch. Enter detailed information easily on the go by typing or using voice-recognition technology. Unfinished progress notes are stored in your homework bin so you never have to worry about keeping up with post dated tasks.


Treatment Plan

Plan your treatments, schedule associated appointments, write your progress notes, run predeterminations, check eligibility, and invoice procedures all from one single screen. Say goodbye to tedious insurance drop-downs and say hello to your list of procedures with pre-populated fees, insurance codes and allotted time per procedure. From here your plan is complete and ready to hand off for your admin staff to manage.


Explosion codes

Group procedures that are often completed together into a single, convenient code. Save time while treatment planning by selecting one single procedure and watch as the appropriate codes are automatically generated.


File History

Look through a complete chronological history of everything that has been completed in the patient’s file just like the organization and flow of a paper chart. Filter items to see only what is relevant for you at that time, and take photos directly from your phone and upload them into the patient’s file, without ever storing the image on your phone


Medical History

Get your patients to fill out their medical history ahead of time by sending them an invite to the patient portal. Never miss an important medical alert such as pre-medication and allergies with important history automatically appearing when you open the patient’s file. Always have access to up-to-date accurate medical history at your fingertips.



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Secure communications.
GDPR compiant


Data Encryption

Secure communication.
SSL encryption



HIPPA Compliance,
PCI compliance