What Other Software Tools do you Need for your Dental Practice?

Dovetail Tools

Systems and processes are an important part of managing a dental practice. Successful clinics have a system for everything – whether it is managing appointments or billing. Imagine what it would be like if you didn’t have a system for scheduling patient appointments. You won’t be able to prepare for your day since you don’t know who is coming in. Your receptionist may be writing them down on random pieces of paper that quickly get lost. In other words, you will never get anything done!

Software is your biggest ally when it comes to automating tasks and establishing systems. Most dental practices have an EDR system in place, along with a practice management tool. But there’s more to dental software than these two essential technologies. In today’s digital world, you’ll probably find an app or software for every aspect of managing your practice. Let’s take a look at some tools that can help your clinic.

Marketing Software

As a healthcare professional you might dislike marketing. But as a practice owner you know it is essential. Fortunately software can help you create and manage your marketing campaigns. There are tools that integrate with your practice management software, so you don’t have to enter patient details twice. You can create campaigns that target specific demographics or patient groups with certain characteristics.

Most of these tools also automate patient communication. With the click of a button, you can send text messages or emails with the latest promotions. Some marketing software products even help you analyze metrics like how many patients responded to a particular message. They generate market reports that enable you to craft effective marketing materials.

Review Management Software

Reviews – or the lack thereof – can make or break a clinic. A few bad reviews can cause more damage to your brand than a natural disaster! Positive reviews serve as a trust marker for prospective clients. But managing reviews can be a tedious task since there are so many platforms where your patients can leave good or bad ones.

This is where review management software comes in. These apps can help you manage reviews on a wide variety of platforms including social media websites like Facebook. You can collect reviews in one place and respond to them in a timely manner. You can even automate the process of collecting reviews from satisfied clients.

Phone Systems and Software

VoIP is the latest buzzword in phone technology and every dental clinic should have it. VoIP systems offer so much more than your standard landline. You can set up the auto receptionist feature so that callers are directed to the best person to handle their query. You can even connect the phones to your appointment scheduler, so new patients can make one without human intervention.

Many VoIP phone systems come with software that allows you to see extra information on callers like unpaid bills or past visits. This way, your receptionist knows all the details even before answering the call. The best part is that most VoIP software is easy to use. So your staff will be able to start using it without additional training.

Data Analytics

Dental practices generated a ton of data every day. Managing all that information is not easy which means that most clinics store the data away and forget about it. Most EHR software on the market have built-in analytical tools but these are almost always rudimentary. You might want to consider investing in dental analytics software to help manage that data.

As you can see, EHRs and practice management software are not the only tools available to you. Good systems are essential for a successful practice and software can help you with every step along the way.

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