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The Benefits of Going Paperless

Dovetail Benefits of Going Paperless

Have you ever thought about why more dentists are going paperless? Jotting something down on paper is quick, easy and comfortable. So why would you give up on a tried and tested method? You should because there are simply so many benefits of eliminating paper from your practice.

Adopting an EHR has some costs initially like purchasing software and paying for data storage. But you can quickly recover these costs, especially since you can use incentive programs to offset some of it. Your staff can spend less time in filing and pulling paper. You don’t have to pay for storing and securing all those charts. You can even save on office supplies like postage and printing!

As a dentist, you have to keep your patient records safe and secure. Both HIPAA and liability insurance demand it. EHRs can backup your data in real-time, keeping them safe from natural disasters, theft or vandalism. You can make sure no one but you and your patient can look at confidential records. You can decide who can see patient records and from where you can access them.

With EHRs, you will have no worries about incomplete or illegible entries. Records cannot be misfiled or lost and you can clearly see when changes were made and by whom. Streamline everything from accounts receivable, patient appointments, progress notes and correspondence with specialists. You can even send reminders and confirmations to patients automatically!

Your patients are using technology every day. They expect their dentist to do the same. Practice management software lets you send appointment confirmations or reminders easily through text or email messages. Your patients can make payments and schedule appointments online. Who wants to waste 10 minutes on the phone just to make an appointment? With EHRs, your patients won’t have to!

Dovetail is an easy-to-use cloud-based EHR that lets you document patient care on any phone, tablet. It was made by a practicing dentist specifically for dental practices. Eliminate the clutter and mess of paper. Capture clinical information in a standardized and intuitive manner. Streamline your documentation from capturing medical history to filing insurance claims. Keep all your patient records, files and correspondence in one place.

Improve your productivity and spend more time with your patients. Reduce practice costs and stop wasting your precious time on routine administrative tasks. Explore our amazing cloud-based EHR and see the difference for yourself. Call us today at 1.800.481.2940 ext. 1 and take Dovetail for a TEST DRIVE. We would love to speak with you!