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Dental Software: Do More Features = Greater Satisfaction?

As the dental software market grows, vendors are adding features at breakneck speed to provide increased functionality for clients as well as to keep up with the requirements of the meaningful use program. Quite a number of clinics have switched

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Dental Software: What Should You Look For?

As the healthcare industry moves to stage II of the meaningful use program, physicians are realizing that implementing an EHR is not a one-shot deal. It is a long-term commitment requiring considerable resources and training to help employees get used

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Why do Dentists Still Rely on Paper Records After EHR?

Even though stage II of the meaningful use program got off to a rocky start, the success of stage I has been pretty outstanding. The combination of federal incentives as well as the threat of reduction in payments has combined

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Usability: the Single Largest Issue Confronting EHRs?

Wide spread adoption of EHRs is one of the key steps which will ensure better and cheaper access to health care for the majority of Americans. There is no doubt that the health care system was in urgent need of

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Why has EHR Design not kept up with the times?

The pace of technological advancements in the health IT industry has accelerated over the last decade. However in spite of numerous innovations in security, privacy and interface models, many clinicians continue to complain about poorly designed EHRs and a general

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EDR Adoption – How tech savvy do you need to be?

One of the reasons often cited by dentists to delay adopting EDR systems is that they are not very tech savvy, which may be surprising to hear considering that most medical professionals handle sophisticated technology every day. In the health industry, lack of tech savvy doesn’t necessarily equate to being a technophobe.

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