EDR Adoption – How tech savvy do you need to be?

One of the reasons often cited by dentists to delay adopting EDR systems is that they are not very tech savvy, which may be surprising to hear considering that most medical professionals handle sophisticated technology every day. In the health industry, lack of tech savvy doesn’t necessarily equate to being a technophobe.

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How Leap Motion can revolutionize the dental industry

We have seen a lot of innovative products and revolutionary technology in the last few decades. Touchscreens have changed the way we use phones and tablets but the mouse and keyboard remain the most common input devices on laptops and desktops. While they can be used to accomplish most tasks easily and effectively, it is still not an intuitive…

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The iPad Air: A whole new level of speed and graphic quality

Dentists and the iPad Technology is rapidly changing the face of the dental industry. Gone are the filing cabinets and mounds of paperwork with many clinics switching over to EDR and electronic PM systems. Practices are also using social media and digital advertising to better serve their clients. In much the same way, smart devices such as the…

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How Google Glass will revolutionize the dental industry

It is often hard to predict what the next revolution in the technology industry will be like. The latest innovative trend is wearable technology – incorporating electronics into the everyday objects we wear as opposed to gadgets that we have

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