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How can Practice Management Lead to Increased ROI?

Healthcare professionals are passionate about taking care of their patients but that’s not the whole story when it comes to managing your practice. There’s the business aspect to take care of as well. If your clinic doesn’t generate a positive

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Tips for Increasing your Dental Practice ROI

Return on Investment or ROI as it is commonly referred to is crucial to the success of your clinic. Although most finance professionals value ROI as an important metric for evaluating the health of a business, healthcare workers don’t attach

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Efficient Dental Software Scheduling Features can Improve a clinic’s ROI

ROI can be used as a clear indicator as to whether a particular project is worthwhile or not, though it should not be the only criterion. For dental practices, investing in a dental software system requires commitment over the long-term

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Why is it difficult to measure cloud dental software ROI?

While some dental practices are implementing a software for the first time, others are in the process of migrating to their second or third provider. Nevertheless these two groups have one aspect in common – workflow changes. Dentists working on

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