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Do Dentists Scare Away Customers with Huge Treatment Plans?

Every dental clinic has its own processes for new and returning patients. New clients need more information about their dental health, your clinical processes, bill payment, and other aspects of a dental visit. Returning patients already know your team, so there’s less need to go over such details again. However many practices use the same system…

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First Impressions Last – Patient Retention

Dental practices often have different strategies for new patient acquisition and patient retention. Few realize that patient retention begins even before someone comes into your office for the first time. First impressions matter a great deal in the dental business. A patient’s first visit will be the key factor in their decision to come back.…

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What are Patient Portals and Does your Practice Have one?

EHRs and practice management software are not the only technologies in a dental office anymore. Patient portals are also becoming common among providers. The rise in patient portals is due to a number of factors including the proliferation of EHRs,

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Transactional vs Experiential: Where do your Dental Patients Lie?

There has been a bit of a buzz about the terms transactional and experiential visit in dental circles recently. What do they mean and why should you bother to understand these terms? These words are not just convoluted jargon, they

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