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EHR Customization – the Key to Better Results?

The shift away from paper and towards software has changed a lot of things in the healthcare industry. It has influenced workflows, changed how medical professionals maintain case documentation and made it easier for practices to handle the growing volume

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Why Would you Replace your Current EDR System?

The vast majority of clinics and hospitals have spent the better part of the last few years upgrading from paper to sophisticated EDR systems. Digitizing health data started out as a mandatory upgrade mainly due to regulations like the Meaningful

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Three Issues to Evaluate your Cloud Based Dental EHR

Cloud-based dental EHRs are quickly becoming the preferred option for practices. You can reduce your technological footprint and not have to worry about maintenance or upgrades. Your data lives in the cloud so you can access it from anywhere, even

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ROI on Going Paperless

Have you ever thought of the cost of using paper in your practice? There’s more to it than just purchasing and printing costs. You have to buy cabinets and drawers to file them in. Your staff has to spend time

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More Reasons for Paperless

Using digital media instead of paper can reduce cost and improve productivity. So why are you still using paper in your practice? Do you hesitate to try EHRs because paper is just so simple to use and you’re comfortable with

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The Benefits of Going Paperless

Have you ever thought about why more dentists are going paperless? Jotting something down on paper is quick, easy and comfortable. So why would you give up on a tried and tested method? You should because there are simply so

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