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How to Avoid “Note Bloat” in your EDR

EDRs have changed a lot of workflows and processes in dental practices. Whether you like EDRs or not, you have to acknowledge one thing – they’ve made notes legible! Healthcare professionals are notorious for illegible handwriting but it looks like EDRs have finally solved legibility issues. Note Bloat

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Bring your Practice into the 21st Century with EDR!

ACA, EDR, HITECH and the list goes on. Such acronyms and abbreviations are part and parcel of modern healthcare. As a practice owner or dental professionals, you have to understand the effect and consequence they can have on your clinic. Most of them appear to have some relationship with computers and technology in healthcare.

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Mixing Paper and Digital – Is this Good or Bad?

Computers and software have made their way into the doctor’s office. Today you’ll be hard-pressed to find a dental practice that does not use computers in some manner. Federal incentive programs and the need for tools to handle increased documentation

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ROI on Going Paperless

Have you ever thought of the cost of using paper in your practice? There’s more to it than just purchasing and printing costs. You have to buy cabinets and drawers to file them in. Your staff has to spend time

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More Reasons for Paperless

Using digital media instead of paper can reduce cost and improve productivity. So why are you still using paper in your practice? Do you hesitate to try EHRs because paper is just so simple to use and you’re comfortable with

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The Benefits of Going Paperless

Have you ever thought about why more dentists are going paperless? Jotting something down on paper is quick, easy and comfortable. So why would you give up on a tried and tested method? You should because there are simply so

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Why do Dentists Still Rely on Paper Records After EHR?

Even though stage II of the meaningful use program got off to a rocky start, the success of stage I has been pretty outstanding. The combination of federal incentives as well as the threat of reduction in payments has combined

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Patient Paper Records: The Challenges of Digitization

Once the decision to switch from paper records has been made, practices face the daunting task of digitizing charts, patient correspondence, consulting notes etc. Before starting the conversion process, patient records have to be checked for completeness and accuracy. Once the data has been checked and categorized according to priority or utility,…

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