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MU Deadline Attestation: Is a Delay Good?

Stage II of the meaningful use program has not been as successful as stage I, partly because of the increasingly stringent attestation requirements. Compared to the more than 2300 hospitals that attested for stage I, only 840 hospitals have successfully

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DoD EHR Migration: From the Frying Pan to the Fire?

Switching EHR providers is not an easy process for any practice or hospital. Whether you have a few hundred patients or a few thousands, the amount of data that has to be transferred into the new system can be overwhelming.

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Meaningful Use: Flawed Communication Standards

Interoperability appears to be the biggest buzzword and the major focus for CMS in stage II of the meaningful use program. Even apart from the MU objectives, the healthcare industry is seeing intense debates regarding how to move forward with

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Prepare Yourself for Meaningful Use Audits

The government has earmarked billions of dollars on meaningful use with a substantial percentage being paid out in the form of incentives. So it is to be expected that CMS will undertake a program of fraud prevention and audit to

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How to find out if your EDR is ONC Certified

Selecting a dental EHR for your practice is by no means a simple process. Providers need to consider if the software will serve their needs, whether employees can use it without difficulties, cost of training and purchase etc. Apart from

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