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Differences in EHR Legislation in various states

The EHR incentive program being run by the US federal government is an initiative to encourage EHR adoption among clinics and hospitals to provide better healthcare for patients. It offers financial incentives for compliance to those participants attesting to meaningful use objectives. The program is slated to conclude in 2016 and providers who do…

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How E-Prescriptions can help you serve customers better

Modern electronic dental records (EDRs) have enabled dental practices to automate many clinical processes. From appointment scheduling to claim reimbursement, both patients and doctors can save a lot of time by using IT in healthcare. Another area where EDRs can help transform the way services are delivered to consumers is medical prescriptions.…

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Complete vs. Modular Certified EHR systems

Many clinics and hospitals all over the country are participating in the EHR incentive program. Before being able to attest for meaningful use objectives, participants will have to show that they are using a certified EHR system. EHRs may be certified as complete or modular.    Complete EHR    A complete EHR is one which has been certified as a…

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The benefits of certified dental EHR systems

Although there are a wide variety of EHR systems that are certified for meaningful use, it can be particularly challenging for dentists to find software that suits the needs of their practice. Some of them may purchase and implement a complete EHR solution in a bid to receive incentives quickly, only to find that it lacks basic functionality…

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Meet Meaningful Use Objectives: Preventive Care Reminders

To complete Stage I of the EHR incentive program, eligible professionals have to meet meaningful use criteria. These include 15 core and a further 5 out of a menu of 10 objectives, along with 6 Clinical Quality Measures. One such menu objective is patient reminders for preventive or follow up care.

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EHR Incentive programs for Eligible Dental Professionals

Implementing an electronic health record system (EHR) in your dental practice can offer a lot of benefits from improved efficiency to better health outcomes for your patients. However, such systems can be expensive and quite a few medical professionals are yet to make the switch from paper charts and records. To encourage uptake among clinics and…

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