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Hands on Dental Marketing – Don’t Lose Touch!

In today’s connected world, dentists cannot afford to ignore modern marketing methods. Tried and tested strategies like advertising in the Yellow Pages no longer work well, if at all. Practices have to use a mix of social media marketing, print, online ads, and patient referrals to bring in new patients.

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Do you Have a Dental Branding Strategy?

Branding is everywhere in the business world, so much so that even individuals are advised to build their personal brand. But what exactly is branding and how does it apply to your clinic? A brand is something that uniquely identifies

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Is your Marketing Stuck in a Rut? Here’s how to Get out!

Clinical skills, expertise and experience are not the only criteria for a successful dental practice. As a practice owner, you have to show business acumen in various areas such as finance, marketing, human resources and so on. You can give

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