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What Does 2018 Hold for EDR?

Electronic Health Records or EHR as they’re more widely known, is a part of the ever-growing list of acronyms that litter the landscape of American healthcare. Every year brings its own set of challenges for the EDR industry. Today’s EDRs that are hosted in the cloud and deliver services over the Internet to providers are a far cry from the first…

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Three Common Questions on Dental Health Records

The vast majority of clinics and hospitals across the US now use some form of electronic health records. The change from paper to digital did not happen overnight and federal programs like meaningful use have helped to accelerate the trend. Unfortunately the dental industry is only now starting to adopt their own version of the EHR.

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Making the Right Hire for your Dental Practice

Hiring the right employees for your practice is extremely important, as they will be part of your team for some time to come. A great team is essential for dental clinics and play a crucial role in success. Your patients

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Dental Software: Do More Features = Greater Satisfaction?

As the dental software market grows, vendors are adding features at breakneck speed to provide increased functionality for clients as well as to keep up with the requirements of the meaningful use program. Quite a number of clinics have switched

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Dental Software Efficacy: Does the Size of Your Business Matter?

Electronic health records (EHR) systems are still relatively new – especially when compared to the traditional pen and paper that have been the staple of medical offices for centuries. In spite of increasing nationwide adoption, many people still harbor false

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Why do Dentists Still Rely on Paper Records After EHR?

Even though stage II of the meaningful use program got off to a rocky start, the success of stage I has been pretty outstanding. The combination of federal incentives as well as the threat of reduction in payments has combined

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