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Cloud Dental EHR solutions improve adoption

When EHRs were first introduced, they were bulky and cumbersome standalone software that had to be licensed, installed and maintained. They were also expensive enough that only hospitals and large multi-speciality practices could afford them. This left solo and small practices with few alternatives to paper records. There was considerable concern…

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Patient Paper Records: The Challenges of Digitization

Once the decision to switch from paper records has been made, practices face the daunting task of digitizing charts, patient correspondence, consulting notes etc. Before starting the conversion process, patient records have to be checked for completeness and accuracy. Once the data has been checked and categorized according to priority or utility,…

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The Importance of Interoperability in Dental EHRs

Electronic health records have come a long way in the last decade with 48% of physician practices having implemented a basic EHR system in 2013, up from a mere 11% in 2001 (According to the survey by NCHS, January 2014). The health IT market has expanded considerably with vendors offering customized solutions for various specializations,…

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