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Beyond Meaningful Use

Electronic health records (EHRs) are an important part of the ongoing efforts to transform the American healthcare system and though there is still room for substantial improvement in their design and implementation, clinics and hospitals have become quite proficient in collecting and storing digital health data. However to achieve the actual goal…

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Can Apple play a Role in EHR development?

Apple is one of the most valuable companies in the world and the current leader in consumer electronics. The latest initiative by Apple is called HealthKit – a platform which aims to integrate health data from various fitness gadgets and monitors in one place for users and doctors to access. HealthKit represents Apple’s foray into the lucrative…

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Calculating EDR ROI

Purchasing and implementing a dental EHR system can often be an expensive and challenging process. Besides the initial cost of software, training expenses, digitization of paper records, and delays in project implementation can often lead to significant cost overruns. Because

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Cloud Dental EHR solutions improve adoption

When EHRs were first introduced, they were bulky and cumbersome standalone software that had to be licensed, installed and maintained. They were also expensive enough that only hospitals and large multi-speciality practices could afford them. This left solo and small practices with few alternatives to paper records. There was considerable concern…

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Common HR management mistakes made by dentists

When dentists start their own practice, they are mostly concerned with the clinical aspects of treating patients such as providing quality dental care, maintaining a good relationship with all their clients etc. But doctors should remember that running a practice also requires good business skills in other areas such as practice management.

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Patient Paper Records: The Challenges of Digitization

Once the decision to switch from paper records has been made, practices face the daunting task of digitizing charts, patient correspondence, consulting notes etc. Before starting the conversion process, patient records have to be checked for completeness and accuracy. Once the data has been checked and categorized according to priority or utility,…

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How to generate more Dental Patient Referrals

The most common challenge facing dental practices today is how to get new patients. With higher insurance premiums and the escalating cost of dental work, many people are opting to postpone treatment or even avoid going to the dentist altogether. In such a scenario, it’s not surprising that dentists are struggling to get more patients into their…

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EDR Adoption – How tech savvy do you need to be?

One of the reasons often cited by dentists to delay adopting EDR systems is that they are not very tech savvy, which may be surprising to hear considering that most medical professionals handle sophisticated technology every day. In the health industry, lack of tech savvy doesn’t necessarily equate to being a technophobe.

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