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Chasing the EHR “Golden Egg”

The results of spending billions of dollars on EHR implementation through federal projects like the meaningful program have been mixed, to say the least. Some practices report positive results and praise their EHR systems for improving patient outcomes or reducing

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Why are Skilled Nursing Facilities Lagging in EHR Use?

EHR adoption – and use of health IT in general – is growing slowly every year. But adoption is not happening at the same rate across different types of healthcare settings. A recent data brief by the ONC has revealed

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What is your ROI with Dovetail?

Return on investment is a very important concept for any business, whether it is a grocery store or a dental practice. It’s a financial term that tells you if an investment is good for the business or not. ROI comes

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EHR Features – Are you Getting the Most out of Them?

  EHR Features – Are you Getting the Most out of Them? Marketing materials often contain a laundry list of tools and features that the EHR comes with but it doesn’t mean they’re all relevant to your practice. The features

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ROI on Going Paperless

Have you ever thought of the cost of using paper in your practice? There’s more to it than just purchasing and printing costs. You have to buy cabinets and drawers to file them in. Your staff has to spend time

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Personalize your EHR software – what does it mean?

  Getting the right software for your practice is important. But “right” isn’t the same for everyone. What you need is a futuristic product that can simplify your workflow without getting in your way. Flexibility is what you need. You

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Profitability Through Innovation in Practice Management & EHR

Are you hesitant to try out EHR software because of the cost? We know that it is a significant obstacle to many smaller, family run practices. Yet the benefits of adopting an EHR can give you a positive return on

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Paper to Digital: What’s the Right Approach?

The number of clinics and hospitals implementing EHR programs in order to participate in the meaningful use program as well as other federal initiatives is rapidly increasing. But physicians are finding that other projects need to be completed before EHR

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Calculating EDR ROI

Purchasing and implementing a dental EHR system can often be an expensive and challenging process. Besides the initial cost of software, training expenses, digitization of paper records, and delays in project implementation can often lead to significant cost overruns. Because

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