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EHRs – Are we There Yet?

EHR adoption growth over the last decade has been phenomenal. Driven by government incentive programs, rising volume of patients and documentation as well as the problems which plague paper filing systems, EHR use has long since passed the tipping point.

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Dovetail for Different Users

Administration Keep track of patient files, staff and practice data all in one place. You can manage appointments, billing and claims without touching paper files. Work from anywhere and share documents with your staff. Dovetail gives you a comprehensive view

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Three Issues to Evaluate your Cloud Based Dental EHR

Cloud-based dental EHRs are quickly becoming the preferred option for practices. You can reduce your technological footprint and not have to worry about maintenance or upgrades. Your data lives in the cloud so you can access it from anywhere, even

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Is It Time for Your Dental Practice to Get a New EHR?

The last decade has seen many dentists adopting EHR systems to keep their practices running smoothly. Although the software has evolved to meet changing needs and legal requirements, many users struggle with confusing interfaces or features that don’t live up to the benefits promised by their vendors. Recently there has been a movement toward…

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