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Is your Dental Practice Safe from Phishing Attacks?

Phishing attacks – through email or phone – are becoming more common by the day and your clinic could be the next victim. Phishing involves sending emails or calling users and attempting to trick them into revealing personal information through social engineering tactics. Criminals may pose as representatives of a financial institution, utility…

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The Dental EDR Scene is Set to Explode

The global market for dental software is growing at a furious pace. Research indicates that the market is set to grow at a cumulative annual growth rate (CAGR) of more than 11% through 2025. With growth like that, the industry will be valued at US $4.3 billion in 2025. There are many reasons for this explosive growth, ranging from high demand for…

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Protect yourself from EDR Phishing Attacks

The healthcare industry, including various specialties like dentistry, is slowly but surely incorporating technology into daily workflows. Most dental practices have EHR/EDR software to manage patient records, practice management software to help them with daily operations, security software like antivirus tools etc. New patient data is maintained…

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Dental EDR Software Reaches a Turning Point

Healthcare continues to lag behind other industries in adopting digital technologies. The digital transformation has been a mixed bag for medical professionals, with adoption varying significantly among specialties. Dental practices have come a long way over the last decade. Encouraged by federal programs such as the meaningful use initiative,…

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Effective Note Taking for Dentists

EDR adoption in dentistry has been sluggish and uneven. Some practices have deployed EDRs successfully while others struggle with implementation. All too often, the fault lies not with the dentist or practice staff but the software itself. Practice Management Software and EHR Systems

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How an EDR System can Speed up your Practice

Adopting an EDR system is no longer optional for many practices. Electronic health record keeping systems are becoming mandatory – you need one if you hope to comply with regulations, keep up with demands from third party payers or even improve patient outcomes. If you are not already using an EDR, your clinic is probably in the process of…

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How to Avoid “Note Bloat” in your EDR

EDRs have changed a lot of workflows and processes in dental practices. Whether you like EDRs or not, you have to acknowledge one thing – they’ve made notes legible! Healthcare professionals are notorious for illegible handwriting but it looks like EDRs have finally solved legibility issues. Note Bloat

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Bring your Practice into the 21st Century with EDR!

ACA, EDR, HITECH and the list goes on. Such acronyms and abbreviations are part and parcel of modern healthcare. As a practice owner or dental professionals, you have to understand the effect and consequence they can have on your clinic. Most of them appear to have some relationship with computers and technology in healthcare.

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Mixing Paper and Digital – Is this Good or Bad?

Computers and software have made their way into the doctor’s office. Today you’ll be hard-pressed to find a dental practice that does not use computers in some manner. Federal incentive programs and the need for tools to handle increased documentation

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