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Is stress an inevitable part of practicing dentistry?

Dentists and other professionals are facing increasing demands on their time and energy. Apart from federal programs, dentists have to grapple with complex legislation such as HIPAA and I-STOP. In addition, many practices are struggling with financial problems in the

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What is the I-Stop Law and what are its implications for dentists?

Prolonged use of controlled substances can lead to physiological or psychological dependence and deaths due to drug overdose have increased dramatically over the last decade. New York State has passed a law called The Internet System for Tracking Over-Prescribing Act

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Why has EHR Design not kept up with the times?

The pace of technological advancements in the health IT industry has accelerated over the last decade. However in spite of numerous innovations in security, privacy and interface models, many clinicians continue to complain about poorly designed EHRs and a general

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Hiring a Dental Hygienist

Dental hygienists are one of the most important employees in a practice, other than the dentist themselves. They are responsible for patient education, assisting the dentist, cleaning teeth etc. Most patients will have to spend some time with the hygienist who will assess the health of their teeth/gums and communicate any issues to the dentist so…

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Common HR management mistakes made by dentists

When dentists start their own practice, they are mostly concerned with the clinical aspects of treating patients such as providing quality dental care, maintaining a good relationship with all their clients etc. But doctors should remember that running a practice also requires good business skills in other areas such as practice management.

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How to respond to a bad review/testimonial

More dental practices are starting to see the value of social media and are using it effectively to generate referrals and positive word-of-mouth. Just like other business owners, dentists can also benefit from the increased exposure that comes with having positive reviews on their website, blog, review sites or social media profiles.

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EDR Adoption – How tech savvy do you need to be?

One of the reasons often cited by dentists to delay adopting EDR systems is that they are not very tech savvy, which may be surprising to hear considering that most medical professionals handle sophisticated technology every day. In the health industry, lack of tech savvy doesn’t necessarily equate to being a technophobe.

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