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How Dovetail Can Help your Practice

There is no doubt that running a dental clinic is challenging. But the types of challenges you face will never be the same. After all your requirements will vary depending on many variables like size of the practice, specialization vs

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Personalize your EHR software – what does it mean?

  Getting the right software for your practice is important. But “right” isn’t the same for everyone. What you need is a futuristic product that can simplify your workflow without getting in your way. Flexibility is what you need. You

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Importance of EHR Security – Famous Hacks in 2016

The healthcare industry has quickly adopted software systems and digitized healthcare data, partly due to federal reforms and regulations. While other industries adopted computerized systems at their own pace, hospitals and clinics had to do so on an accelerated schedule. In this race to comply with regulations, few organizations paid attention to…

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Is Voice Recognition Feasible with EHR Systems?

Voice recognition is all the rage in technology products these days. It started with our phones answering questions and now we have a plethora of devices waiting for our spoken commands. Everything from your TV to your car has some sort of voice recognition system built into it. Tech companies are pitching it as the perfect solution for the…

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More Reasons for Paperless

Using digital media instead of paper can reduce cost and improve productivity. So why are you still using paper in your practice? Do you hesitate to try EHRs because paper is just so simple to use and you’re comfortable with

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What do Dentists Ultimately Want from their EHRs?

Practicing medicine has never been as complicated as it is in the modern age. From financial pressure and regulatory oversight to the ever increasing piles of administrative tasks, providers waste a lot of their time in actions that have nothing

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DoD EHR Migration: From the Frying Pan to the Fire?

Switching EHR providers is not an easy process for any practice or hospital. Whether you have a few hundred patients or a few thousands, the amount of data that has to be transferred into the new system can be overwhelming.

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How to generate more Dental Patient Referrals

The most common challenge facing dental practices today is how to get new patients. With higher insurance premiums and the escalating cost of dental work, many people are opting to postpone treatment or even avoid going to the dentist altogether. In such a scenario, it’s not surprising that dentists are struggling to get more patients into their…

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