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Paper to Digital: What’s the Right Approach?

The number of clinics and hospitals implementing EHR programs in order to participate in the meaningful use program as well as other federal initiatives is rapidly increasing. But physicians are finding that other projects need to be completed before EHR

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Is stress an inevitable part of practicing dentistry?

Dentists and other professionals are facing increasing demands on their time and energy. Apart from federal programs, dentists have to grapple with complex legislation such as HIPAA and I-STOP. In addition, many practices are struggling with financial problems in the

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Can Apple play a Role in EHR development?

Apple is one of the most valuable companies in the world and the current leader in consumer electronics. The latest initiative by Apple is called HealthKit – a platform which aims to integrate health data from various fitness gadgets and monitors in one place for users and doctors to access. HealthKit represents Apple’s foray into the lucrative…

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How to find out if your EDR is ONC Certified

Selecting a dental EHR for your practice is by no means a simple process. Providers need to consider if the software will serve their needs, whether employees can use it without difficulties, cost of training and purchase etc. Apart from

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Calculating EDR ROI

Purchasing and implementing a dental EHR system can often be an expensive and challenging process. Besides the initial cost of software, training expenses, digitization of paper records, and delays in project implementation can often lead to significant cost overruns. Because

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EDR Adoption – How tech savvy do you need to be?

One of the reasons often cited by dentists to delay adopting EDR systems is that they are not very tech savvy, which may be surprising to hear considering that most medical professionals handle sophisticated technology every day. In the health industry, lack of tech savvy doesn’t necessarily equate to being a technophobe.

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