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Reports – the Window into your Dental Practice

Your EHR or PM software is capable of generating multiple types of reports but do you really understand the data in them? Quite a few dentists are intimidated by the rows and rows of figures in such reports. Sometimes these

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Tips for Increasing your Dental Practice ROI

Return on Investment or ROI as it is commonly referred to is crucial to the success of your clinic. Although most finance professionals value ROI as an important metric for evaluating the health of a business, healthcare workers don’t attach

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How Dovetail Can Help your Practice

There is no doubt that running a dental clinic is challenging. But the types of challenges you face will never be the same. After all your requirements will vary depending on many variables like size of the practice, specialization vs

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What is your ROI with Dovetail?

Return on investment is a very important concept for any business, whether it is a grocery store or a dental practice. It’s a financial term that tells you if an investment is good for the business or not. ROI comes

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The mobile tablet – a must for your office efficiency

Have you integrated tablets into your dental practice yet? If not, you’re missing out on a key tool to improve productivity! EHR solutions today are cumbersome and require dentists to switch back and forth between the patient and the computer.

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Dovetail Capterra Reviews

Capterra reviews are starting to roll in for Dovetail. Capterra is a free service that helps users find the right software solution for their business. Capterra allows users to read reviews, compare software and provides access to experts that can

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Is It Time for Your Dental Practice to Get a New EHR?

The last decade has seen many dentists adopting EHR systems to keep their practices running smoothly. Although the software has evolved to meet changing needs and legal requirements, many users struggle with confusing interfaces or features that don’t live up to the benefits promised by their vendors. Recently there has been a movement toward…

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