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What are Patient Portals and Does your Practice Have one?

EHRs and practice management software are not the only technologies in a dental office anymore. Patient portals are also becoming common among providers. The rise in patient portals is due to a number of factors including the proliferation of EHRs,

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Are your Patients Following up on Preventive Care?

As a dental care provider, your work doesn’t end when the patient leaves your office after a procedure. Preventive care is very important for dental health. But how many of your patients schedule their next visit and how many bother

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Is your Practice Patient Centered?

Who is the most important person in a dental practice? Some might say the dentist or name some other employee within the clinic. After all without the dental care team, you wouldn’t have a practice in the first place! Actually

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How do you Get your Dental Customers to Keep Coming Back?

New patients are key when building up a practice from scratch. But keeping those same patients is the real secret to a successful and stable dental clinic. Businesses in many industries have long since figured out the client retention is

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Transactional vs Experiential: Where do your Dental Patients Lie?

There has been a bit of a buzz about the terms transactional and experiential visit in dental circles recently. What do they mean and why should you bother to understand these terms? These words are not just convoluted jargon, they

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Revolutionizing Dentistry – Don’t Dread the Dentists!

There are certain things in life that no one enjoys doing but we do them anyway. Going to the dentist is one such thing. All of us know that regular visits to the dentist are necessary for our dental health

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Alleviating EHR Privacy Concerns

Electronic Health Record (EHR) usage has steadily increased over the years and in spite of some setbacks, federal agencies and the healthcare industry in general appear to be optimistic about the positive benefits of EHR adoption. Practical difficulties faced by

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