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How to Follow up with Patients without Being Obtrusive

The dental industry – as well as healthcare as a whole – is different from other businesses in many ways. One characteristic that stands out is that unlike many other products and services, most people don’t exactly want what you’re

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Does Telehealth Work in the Dental Industry?

Technology is making its way into every aspect of our lives and our health is no exception. From fitness monitors to food tracking apps on our phone, health-related technology is making its way to consumers. We have seen the introduction

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How do you Get your Dental Customers to Keep Coming Back?

New patients are key when building up a practice from scratch. But keeping those same patients is the real secret to a successful and stable dental clinic. Businesses in many industries have long since figured out the client retention is

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What do Dentists Ultimately Want from their EHRs?

Practicing medicine has never been as complicated as it is in the modern age. From financial pressure and regulatory oversight to the ever increasing piles of administrative tasks, providers waste a lot of their time in actions that have nothing

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