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The EHR Platform Wars: Mobile vs. Desktop

Until a few years ago, the computer was the predominant method of accessing and using electronic systems. Unfortunately, computers tend to be bulky and have limited mobility even if laptops are used. Taking advantage of the increased capabilities of mobile

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Should Certification Programs Require Real World Testing?

Under stage II of the meaningful use program, providers and hospitals need to demonstrate the capability to share medical information with other healthcare organizations. Stage II requirements are more rigorous and interoperability is a major area of focus. EHR software

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What can Apple HealthKit do for dental EHRs?

The launch of HealthKit has been bumpy to say the least, with last-minute bugs delaying the anticipated platform release. This launch is highly uncharacteristic of Apple, a company known for obsessing over details and only releasing polished software. It is

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Delivering on the promise of EHR Big Data

Between the Meaningful Use program, the upcoming ICD-10 transition, productivity issues with EHRs and increasing pressure on finances, hospitals and providers everywhere have too much going on to worry about big data. Developing a comprehensive solution that can analyze disparate

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Beyond Meaningful Use

Electronic health records (EHRs) are an important part of the ongoing efforts to transform the American healthcare system and though there is still room for substantial improvement in their design and implementation, clinics and hospitals have become quite proficient in collecting and storing digital health data. However to achieve the actual goal…

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Is stress an inevitable part of practicing dentistry?

Dentists and other professionals are facing increasing demands on their time and energy. Apart from federal programs, dentists have to grapple with complex legislation such as HIPAA and I-STOP. In addition, many practices are struggling with financial problems in the

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How to find out if your EDR is ONC Certified

Selecting a dental EHR for your practice is by no means a simple process. Providers need to consider if the software will serve their needs, whether employees can use it without difficulties, cost of training and purchase etc. Apart from

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Calculating EDR ROI

Purchasing and implementing a dental EHR system can often be an expensive and challenging process. Besides the initial cost of software, training expenses, digitization of paper records, and delays in project implementation can often lead to significant cost overruns. Because

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The Importance of Interoperability in Dental EHRs

Electronic health records have come a long way in the last decade with 48% of physician practices having implemented a basic EHR system in 2013, up from a mere 11% in 2001 (According to the survey by NCHS, January 2014). The health IT market has expanded considerably with vendors offering customized solutions for various specializations,…

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