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Tips for Increasing your Dental Practice ROI

Return on Investment or ROI as it is commonly referred to is crucial to the success of your clinic. Although most finance professionals value ROI as an important metric for evaluating the health of a business, healthcare workers don’t attach

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Dental Practice Management – Strategies for Improvement

Managing your own dental practice can be extremely rewarding but it is not a simple or easy task. As a practice owner, you have to wear many hats – dentist, businessman and marketer to name a few. While some processes

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What is your ROI with Dovetail?

Return on investment is a very important concept for any business, whether it is a grocery store or a dental practice. It’s a financial term that tells you if an investment is good for the business or not. ROI comes

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ROI on Going Paperless

Have you ever thought of the cost of using paper in your practice? There’s more to it than just purchasing and printing costs. You have to buy cabinets and drawers to file them in. Your staff has to spend time

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