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Does your Office Need a “Dental Manager”?

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions surrounding the position of office manager in a dental practice. Many people assume that large practices need an office manager while small clinics shouldn’t waste resources on hiring one. Some dentists even think that office managers create more problems than solve them.

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Improving Workflow with EDRs

Electronic health records were supposed to solve many of the problems that the healthcare industry was facing. A growing volume of patients accompanied by increased documentation and reporting standards meant that paper filing systems could not keep up. Going digital

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How Does MIPS Affect your Dental Practice?

Practicing medicine is no easy task in today’s environment with growing patient volume, increased regulation and pressure on profit margins. However, there are many incentive programs that can help dental clinics. The meaningful use program offered incentives and penalties for

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How can Practice Management Lead to Increased ROI?

Healthcare professionals are passionate about taking care of their patients but that’s not the whole story when it comes to managing your practice. There’s the business aspect to take care of as well. If your clinic doesn’t generate a positive

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What do Dentists Ultimately Want from their EHRs?

Practicing medicine has never been as complicated as it is in the modern age. From financial pressure and regulatory oversight to the ever increasing piles of administrative tasks, providers waste a lot of their time in actions that have nothing

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A link Between Dental Software and Employee Turnover?

The meaningful use program has been running long enough that most providers are aware of the negative consequences likely to affect their productivity when they adopt any EHR system. Carefully planning the transition to electronic systems can reduce some of

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