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Managing your Dental Practice Growth

Growth and expansion are important to every business, no matter the industry. Every dental practice owner hopes that their clinic will grow with time. Sometimes your practice may not grow as much as you would like or vice versa. But

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Practice Management – What’s Important to you?

Managing your own practice is a dream for many healthcare professionals. However practice management is not a small or easy task. Managing the practice means taking care of many aspects from finance, employees, equipment etc. Unfortunately not every dentist is

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How can Practice Management Software Help You?

When the modern smartphone was first launched over 10 years ago, few people could have predicted its runaway success. Today’s smartphones are essentially pocket computers that have replaced multiple devices (music player, radio, video player, Internet device etc.) for consumers.

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Could you be in Legal HR Trouble?

Talking about human resources is not anyone’s idea of a good time. Most employers view it as something that has to be done like paying the bills. But complying with HR laws can be a time-consuming task, especially when you

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Being a Great Boss is Common Sense!

Does your team consider you a good boss? Do they like your leadership style? Being a good boss is more than just being friendly with everyone. But a team is far more likely to follow someone they like. You may

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Dental Practice Management Tips

Managing your own dental practice is no easy task. Sometimes it can be overwhelming or stressful. But then you’ll also have days where everything goes according to your plans. There is no such thing as a perfect practice and there

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What is Dental “Administrative Simplification”?

The operations of a dental clinic fall into one of two categories. First you have all the aspects that deal directly with the oral health of patients. It includes the treatments you provide, tests, check ups, general cleaning, advanced procedures

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How do you Get your Dental Customers to Keep Coming Back?

New patients are key when building up a practice from scratch. But keeping those same patients is the real secret to a successful and stable dental clinic. Businesses in many industries have long since figured out the client retention is

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