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The Importance of Training Staff About Dental Codes!

Dental codes are an integral part of filing claims and getting paid in dentistry. These codes convey a lot of information to the payer about each visit. The correct codes will tell the insurance company what procedures were performed and why. It’s a standardized method of sharing data about diagnosis, treatment, and procedures. Why Should You…

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Have you Differentiated your Dental Practice Enough?

Do you know what makes your clinic different from the practice down the street? It is a long-held belief in dentistry that clinical proficiency is the key – and only – ingredient for a successful practice.  Many people think that the essential difference between any two dental clinics is the quality of work they do and the price they charge. In…

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How to Get Older Dental Patients to Come Back

Inactive patients – every dental practice has them. The cliché “out of sight, out of mind” is quite appropriate when it comes to dental patients. Most people don’t get excited by a visit to the dentist, even though it’s necessary to maintain good oral health. So if they haven’t seen or heard from you in a while, it’s easy for patients to become…

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Online Branding – What are you missing?

Marketing may not be the most favorite topic for healthcare providers but it is an essential part of running your own practice. Without marketing and advertising your services, you will have a tough time getting new clients through the door

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EHR Networking – How does it Work?

EHRs have evolved quite a bit from the first generation systems providers had to deal with. Today’s EHRs feature modern interfaces, intuitive controls and time-saving tools like auto complete. Many of the best products and services incorporate electronic payment systems,

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What is MACRA, and do you Qualify?

What is MACRA, and do you Qualify? Healthcare in 2017 looks very different from what it was even two decades ago. Modern technology and innovative tools have made their way into doctors’ offices.  Seeing a computer at the dentist might

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What is Dental “Administrative Simplification”?

The operations of a dental clinic fall into one of two categories. First you have all the aspects that deal directly with the oral health of patients. It includes the treatments you provide, tests, check ups, general cleaning, advanced procedures

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