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Is your Dental Practice Safe from Phishing Attacks?

Phishing attacks – through email or phone – are becoming more common by the day and your clinic could be the next victim. Phishing involves sending emails or calling users and attempting to trick them into revealing personal information through social engineering tactics. Criminals may pose as representatives of a financial institution, utility…

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Are you Accidentally Violating HIPAA?

HIPAA is one of the most widely known data security frameworks across industries. Formulated to enforce privacy, security, and accountability for healthcare information, HIPAA covers most organizations working with patient data. If you are a covered entity under the privacy rule, you are responsible for complying with HIPAA.

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The Importance of HIPAA Compliant Vendors

Every practice – no matter its size – collects and uses data every day. There is data about patients, medical files, employees, finances, and even the practice itself. You have to collect and store this data somewhere. In addition, you

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Protect yourself from EDR Phishing Attacks

The healthcare industry, including various specialties like dentistry, is slowly but surely incorporating technology into daily workflows. Most dental practices have EHR/EDR software to manage patient records, practice management software to help them with daily operations, security software like antivirus tools etc. New patient data is maintained…

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Data Security – Learning from Cambridge Analytica

Security breaches – especially in the healthcare and finance industries – are not new. Each incident reveals new weaknesses in the tools organizations use to defend and protect data. Unfortunately, it also highlights the fact that companies continue to make the same mistakes over and over again. Recent incidents like the privacy and security…

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How to Protect your Medical Practice from Ransomware

Ransomware has been around for some time but it’s grabbing headlines today for a reason. Healthcare organizations across the country are being targeted by hackers for the valuable data they store. It starts out innocently enough – someone opens an

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Importance of EHR Security – Famous Hacks in 2016

The healthcare industry has quickly adopted software systems and digitized healthcare data, partly due to federal reforms and regulations. While other industries adopted computerized systems at their own pace, hospitals and clinics had to do so on an accelerated schedule. In this race to comply with regulations, few organizations paid attention to…

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Dental Software and Data Recovery: An Unexpected Benefit?

EHR systems have come under intense scrutiny by the media many times over the last decade. Some groups applaud the very real benefits offered by EHRs – especially at a time when hospitals and medical clinics find themselves under pressure

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Alleviating EHR Privacy Concerns

Electronic Health Record (EHR) usage has steadily increased over the years and in spite of some setbacks, federal agencies and the healthcare industry in general appear to be optimistic about the positive benefits of EHR adoption. Practical difficulties faced by

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