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How can a Cloud EHR Save you Money?

Cloud computing has been making inroads in almost every industry out there. You would be hard pressed to find a market which hasn’t been changed beyond recognition because of the cloud. The healthcare industry is no exception but switch to

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EHR Features – Are you Getting the Most out of Them?

  EHR Features – Are you Getting the Most out of Them? Marketing materials often contain a laundry list of tools and features that the EHR comes with but it doesn’t mean they’re all relevant to your practice. The features

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Three Issues to Evaluate your Cloud Based Dental EHR

Cloud-based dental EHRs are quickly becoming the preferred option for practices. You can reduce your technological footprint and not have to worry about maintenance or upgrades. Your data lives in the cloud so you can access it from anywhere, even

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Importance of EHR Security – Famous Hacks in 2016

The healthcare industry has quickly adopted software systems and digitized healthcare data, partly due to federal reforms and regulations. While other industries adopted computerized systems at their own pace, hospitals and clinics had to do so on an accelerated schedule. In this race to comply with regulations, few organizations paid attention to…

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Is Voice Recognition Feasible with EHR Systems?

Voice recognition is all the rage in technology products these days. It started with our phones answering questions and now we have a plethora of devices waiting for our spoken commands. Everything from your TV to your car has some sort of voice recognition system built into it. Tech companies are pitching it as the perfect solution for the…

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The mobile tablet – a must for your office efficiency

Have you integrated tablets into your dental practice yet? If not, you’re missing out on a key tool to improve productivity! EHR solutions today are cumbersome and require dentists to switch back and forth between the patient and the computer.

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Profitability Through Innovation in Practice Management & EHR

Are you hesitant to try out EHR software because of the cost? We know that it is a significant obstacle to many smaller, family run practices. Yet the benefits of adopting an EHR can give you a positive return on

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Dovetail Capterra Reviews

Capterra reviews are starting to roll in for Dovetail. Capterra is a free service that helps users find the right software solution for their business. Capterra allows users to read reviews, compare software and provides access to experts that can

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