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How Cloud EHR Can Save You Money

Every practice owner has to keep track of numbers, financial or otherwise. Most dentists don’t have formal training in accounting but you still have to manage the finances. It can be quite a challenging task. At the end of the day, the amount left in your bank account after paying the bills is what’s important.

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Using the Cloud to Reduce EDR Downtime

It takes quite a bit of time, effort and plenty of research to purchase an EDR that’s right for your practice. First you need to pinpoint your business requirements. Then you make lists – one for the features that you

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EHR Features – Are you Getting the Most out of Them?

  EHR Features – Are you Getting the Most out of Them? Marketing materials often contain a laundry list of tools and features that the EHR comes with but it doesn’t mean they’re all relevant to your practice. The features

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Efficient Dental Software Scheduling Features can Improve a clinic’s ROI

ROI can be used as a clear indicator as to whether a particular project is worthwhile or not, though it should not be the only criterion. For dental practices, investing in a dental software system requires commitment over the long-term

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Dental Software and Data Recovery: An Unexpected Benefit?

EHR systems have come under intense scrutiny by the media many times over the last decade. Some groups applaud the very real benefits offered by EHRs – especially at a time when hospitals and medical clinics find themselves under pressure

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Dental Software: What Should You Look For?

As the healthcare industry moves to stage II of the meaningful use program, physicians are realizing that implementing an EHR is not a one-shot deal. It is a long-term commitment requiring considerable resources and training to help employees get used

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Why do Dentists Still Rely on Paper Records After EHR?

Even though stage II of the meaningful use program got off to a rocky start, the success of stage I has been pretty outstanding. The combination of federal incentives as well as the threat of reduction in payments has combined

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Dovetail is nominated at the 2014 UP-START Cloud Awards

We are very happy to announce that Dovetail has been nominated at the UP-START Awards 2014 Edition in the Best Cloud Document Management Solution (Dovetail Office™) and the Best Cloud Web Collaboration Solution categories (Dovetail Connect™). The UP-START Awards are

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Cloud Dental EHR solutions improve adoption

When EHRs were first introduced, they were bulky and cumbersome standalone software that had to be licensed, installed and maintained. They were also expensive enough that only hospitals and large multi-speciality practices could afford them. This left solo and small practices with few alternatives to paper records. There was considerable concern…

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