Starting over with a new dental software solution? Learn From Your Mistakes!

A large number of dental practices have bought and implemented EDR (Electronic Dental Records) and practice management systems. Many dentists are happy with their purchase and continue to use the software even today. Unfortunately, the process of implementing a new EDR and practice management solution, is not always a success. For some doctors it can be a nightmare. It might mean months of dealing with broken software, unresponsive vendors and cumbersome data entry procedures. They might continue to deal with such issues hoping that the problems will go away or because it is too expensive to switch to another system.

If you’re stuck in such a situation it is necessary to do a cost-benefit analysis. At some point it will become apparent that the hassle of buying and implementing another EDR and practice management system is still better than continuing with your current one. Once you have made the decision to change your software, it is important to evaluate what is wrong with it before you go about buying a new one.

Identify the main areas where you find the software lacking. Is it suited to the needs of your practice? Is it a cloud-based system? Are my patients information secure? Sometimes vendors advertise their products as being easy to use and learn, even though it comes at the cost of being comprehensive. It might have been enough when you had a small clinic but as your business grew, the software failed to adapt. Keep these weaknesses in mind when shopping for a new system.

Sometimes it can help to analyze the purchase process. Maybe the decision was made quickly and without proper research. Or maybe the system was rushed into implementation to meet the stage I requirements of meaningful use objectives. In some cases the training provided by the vendor might have been insufficient. Having a list of specific features minimizes the chances that you’ll make an incorrect decision again.

Purchasing an EDR and practice management system for the second time can also be an opportunity. Since technology changes rapidly, you will have a lot more options open to you. For example, you may want to consider cloud-based systems as they provide many features at a low monthly subscription cost. If you had a problem with the vendors’ customer service, talk with other dentists or read reviews online to check which service has the best reviews.

Decide what features are important to your practice and which particular vendor can customize their software to your business needs. It is the best way of preventing the same mistakes from happening twice.

An intuitive solution for your practice

With Dovetail’s cloud-based products, you, your staff and collaborators have access to the information you need wherever and whenever you need it. Our cloud-based EDR (Electronic Dental Record) and clinical solution provides you with an easy way of accessing and entering patient information, completing exams, developing treatment plans and producing progress notes weather you are in your clinic or on the go – all from your mobile tablet or from any platform that has a web browser. No local servers, downloads, updates, backups or maintenance required. Our applications and data are hosted on a HIPAA compliant infrastructure, so you know you are in safe hands! Subscribe to a live demo to see Dovetail in action!

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