Get Your Staff on Board the EDR Revolution

Cloud-based EDR and practice management systems offer numerous advantages to dentists such as improved efficiency, lower costs and reduced billing or coding errors. However, your employees have to actually use the software in order to fully realize the benefits. It is natural for people to resist change or have fears and doubts regarding new software. Addressing their concerns and making them comfortable with the new EDR and practice management system can go a long way in ensuring a successful transition for your clinic.

Here are a few ways you can motivate your staff and get them excited about the change:

1. Create buy-in

No one likes being forced to change their routine, especially if they have been working in a certain manner for years. Depending on their roles and responsibilities, each employee will use the EDR and practice management system in different ways. It is not enough to merely rattle off a list of advantages provided by your vendor, show how it can help them get their work done faster. It is easy to get them onboard once they understand how it specifically benefits each person.

2. Prepare your staff

A new EDR and practice management system means that every worker needs training. But the intensity and kind of training can vary depending on the individual. An older but experienced employee might need training in computer skills. The new receptionist who knows computers well but is not acquainted with the workflows of your practice might need some time to get familiarized with procedures before learning the new software. Identifying these gaps and providing appropriate training in advance can prevent resentment later on.

3. Make them comfortable with the system

So your staff is well trained in using all the application features. That doesn’t mean no one will make mistakes in the early stages. It can be useful to have a few practice runs before going live. Have a few people role play as patients and walk the staff through a typical workday at the office. This will reduce nervousness and make them more confident about their training.

4. Encourage feedback and participation

People like to be consulted about major decisions. Make sure to involve everyone throughout the rollout process. Encourage them to give feedback about the software such as bug reports, suggestions for improvement or even helpful tips for others who might be struggling with it.

Users can make or break any new application or enterprise management system. Untrained and underprepared staff can easily derail the entire process, leading to anger and frustration. Thereas enthusiastic and motivated employees are more likely to be productive and efficient with an EDR and practice management systems.

An innovative and intuitive solution for your practice

Dovetail is a web-based electronic health record (EHR), practice management, scheduling, medical billing and payment solution specifically designed for mobile tablets. Dovetail’s main objective is to provide healthcare professionals with an intuitive software solution to streamline their practice while providing the best possible care to their patients. Our team of specialists ensure a successful transition for our clients clinic and staff. Check us out at

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