Is Specialized Dental Software the Way to Go?

EHR adoption has had a steady growth over the last decade. However this growth has not been even across all the states or among the various medical specialities. Some states are very far ahead when it comes to EHR adoption while others lag behind significantly. Similarly EHR use is highest among general practitioners. One reason behind this is quite simply the fact that the majority of EHR systems are general purpose software, targeted at practitioners of internal medicine. Although they offer plenty of options for customization – and in some cases even offer add-on modules – it is still difficult for speciality clinics to adapt them for their daily use.


In contrast to a general dentist whose patients might be seeing the doctor for a decade or so, specialists often get referrals and individuals may receive treatment for just a few weeks or months depending on the procedure. Accordingly billing has to be procedure/treatment based and not on a per appointment basis. Additionally, an orthodontist or dental surgeon will have a completely different workflow from a general dentist. Charting, treatment plans, and imaging are all functions that need more care to be implemented in the right way for dental practices.


On the other hand, many features and tools that are indispensable for a regular physician would be completely useless for a radiologist or a heart surgeon. Just as different systems are available that cater to hospitals and smaller practices, it is inevitable that specialized EHRs will be more sought-after as providers become more tech savvy and understand the nuances of digital health systems. It is not a surprise that software vendors have generally avoided developing targeted or specialized EHRs. Launching and maintaining a multitude of products that cater to different groups can be prohibitively expensive. In fact, under the current economic recession it may not even be feasible or sustainable as a business over the long-term.


However as more providers come up against the limitations of their existing systems, they will probably start looking for specialty specific EHRs and be willing to pay for them. Dovetail dental software is one such specialized product that is built exclusively for general dentists and dental specialists. Whether you are a general dentist, orthodontist or oral surgeon, you will find that our software is perfect for your needs.





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