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Setup & configure your clinic in a few minutes with Dovetail!

The first step in getting started with Dovetail is the setup of your clinic. In this short post, we will show you how fast and easy it is to configure your practice with Dovetail, it will only take you a few minutes!

Configure your clinic:

On the left menu, select the first item “Profile”.

Update all your personal and practice information. At the bottom, you may also upload a picture of your signature or sign directly on the screen, if you are using a mobile tablet.

Select the second menu item “Practice Configuration”.

In this section, enter all of your clinic’s information including your business hours, address, phone number, etc. You can upload an image of your practice logo, which will appear on your various shared and printed documents.

Under the section “Schedule configuration”, enter the different rooms used in your practice. These rooms will appear in the schedule and will be made available for reservations.

Finally, select the third menu item “Staff Members”.

In this section, add each staff member of your team.

In the “Other Options” section on the left, you may configure a list of other items:
• Change your password
• Upload pictures, logos, etc. (to use on your templates)
• Treatment configuration (set the duration, price and insurance code for each specific treatment)
• Templates created (create various templates for communication with patients, other referring doctors, etc.): similar to software like Word, you can edit text, add pictures and tables, etc. and then save the templates for future use.
• Contact manager: Add new contact managers
• Insurance carriers and External tools menus: configure your insurance information for electronic submission.


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