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Setting up patient appointments with Dovetail, quick and easy!

The following article will show you how easy it is to create new appointments using Dovetail. You will be able to schedule appointments for your patients in just a few mouse clics!

There are 2 ways to create an appointment with Dovetail:

1. Appointment from the Action button, allows the user to book a time slot for a patient if not all details are known at the time of the appointment is requested.

From the Dashboard or schedule, search for the patient from the patient search field on bottom right corner.
Click on BOOK. A window appears where you may click on a type of appointment, and also enter information in the Other field.
If you have a list of staff members, please select a staff member assigned to this appointment.
Press CREATE. This will create a pending appointment in the schedule.
Go to the schedule so that you may book that appointment into a time slot requested.

2. Appointment through iTP Summary page. The list of treatments have been recommended and the patient agrees to come in for an appointment.

From the Treatment Plan Summary page, highlight the treatment(s) that you wish to book in the same appointment.
If there is more than 1 treatment needed, group them together in order to schedule in the same appointment time slot.
To group the highlighted treatments, press the GROUP button found on the right side of the screen.

Press the button to the right called “Appointment” and it will open a window so the user may assign the appointment with a staff member. Once a staff member is selected, press OK.

A pending appointment is created in the schedule, where you may now move into the date and time requested.

NOTE: An appointment made through the “Action button” just to reserve the time slot without any details, may have modifications once the patient arrives. That is, the purpose of the appointment and the details are now defined and you need to itemize them in order to bill accordingly.

Go to the iTP screen and make the necessary selections of treatments, go to step 2.

When creating appointment and you have a list of staff members, do not select a staff member. Rather, select “LINK APPOINTMENT” and the list of appointments related to the patient are shown.

Select from the list the appropriate appointment that you wish to link.
Once linked, the user is now able to process for billing and insurance purposes.

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