Should you Send a Newsletter to your Patients?

With the rising costs of health insurance and increasing competition among dental care providers, it has become imperative for dentists to reach current and prospective clients using various marketing methods. One such tool that has always been popular is the humble newsletter.

Many dental practices send regular newsletters to their patients. Newsletters allow dentists to provide useful information such as oral care tips and the latest techniques in dentistry. Not only does it help in building lasting relationships with your existing clients, it can also serve to improve your brand recognition and recall. Your patients are more likely to recommend you to their friends and family since the newsletter serves as a periodic reminder of your practice. Providing consistent and high quality articles in your newsletter can establish your credibility as an expert in dental care. It can also prompt customers to ask you about elective procedures or additional services which they might not have considered otherwise.

Before setting up a newsletter, you need to evaluate if it can be sustainable for your practice in the long term. Publishing a professional newsletter with quality content requires a considerable investment of time and resources. If you do not have any staff who can take on this extra responsibility it may even be necessary to outsource this task to a marketing agency, all of which can add significantly to costs. It is also important to remember the target audience for your newsletter. While your older patients might appreciate it, those in their twenties or thirties might consider your newsletter to be so much junk mail.

To alleviate some of these problems you may opt for sending your newsletter through email rather than publish a hard copy. This will completely eliminate the costs of printing, postage and handling. It’s also easier to keep a list of current email ids than it is to keep the addresses of all your patients regularly updated. People change their email ID rarely and it can help you keep in touch with patients who have moved away but who might still refer others to your practice. A member of your staff should ask your clients whether they would like to receive the newsletter and keep a list of their preferences.

A newsletter is a valuable tool in the marketing arsenal of dental practices. Regularly publishing a newsletter with relevant articles can help in strengthening relationships with your current patients as well as increasing referrals through word-of-mouth.



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