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SaaS Solution for Your Dental Office – Forget Software Updates/Upgrades

In today’s world information technology is everywhere. Every dental clinic needs some sort of software system whether it is for scheduling, storing patients’ information, billing or some other process. Until recently, that usually involved buying expensive software licenses, costly hardware such as computers/servers and time spent in installing and maintaining them.

Software as a Service model, which uses cloud computing, offers a less expensive and hassle free alternative to traditional dental office management systems. Some of the ways in which SaaS can help your dental practice are:

1. Timely software updates/upgrades

Setting up an dental office management systems does not end when all the hardware and software is bought. Every time a new version of the software is released, the system has to be updated. Compatibility with other existing systems has to be taken care of. In some cases, new servers may have to be bought and installed which takes even more time and resources.

Cloud computing solves these problems because all updates/upgrades to the system are managed by the service provider. Updating software is seamless and goes on behind the scenes. The next time you log in to the system you have access to the latest features and bug fixes.

2. Backup and security of data

Backup and security of data may be one of the most overlooked aspects of software system administration. Smaller dental clinics may not have the resources or employee training necessary to make sure the data is secure and backed up. SaaS providers, on the other hand, are able to provide continuous backups of the data in secure locations. Servers are often duplicated and monitored rigorously. The internet connection between the browser you use and their servers can also be encrypted to ensure data cannot be viewed or misused by unauthorized parties.

3. Reduces time spent in maintenance/administration

Many small dental practices do not have dedicated IT personnel to maintain their software systems. Owners and staff members may not be able to handle system breakdowns because they have to spend a lot of time with tech support to get it fixed. Cloud software providers take care of all the administrative tasks so your team can focus on doing their regular jobs. Larger firms with dedicated IT personnel can also reduce the number of staff needed to take care of the systems.

So while the cost-savings of cloud computing are well known, it also offers other benefits by reducing the time spent in system administration which will prove invaluable to your dental practice.

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