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ROI on Going Paperless


Have you ever thought of the cost of using paper in your practice? There’s more to it than just purchasing and printing costs. You have to buy cabinets and drawers to file them in. Your staff has to spend time keeping folders organized. All those things add up quickly.

One standard size cabinet can hold about 20K pages. It can cost up to $25000 to fill and $2000 every year to maintain properly. INC Magazine says that each document costs $20 to file. If one paper is misfiled, you’d spend $120 in searching for it. Even worse, it can cost you more $250 to create it all over again. Imagine the costs of all that paper in your office!

Dovetail was made by a practicing dentist for dental practices. It is a cloud based EHR solution that lets you get rid of paper. Access your files on any device – mobile phone, tablet or desktop – without having to make copies all the time. Dovetail lets you get data in a streamlined manner all the way from medical history to filing insurance claims.

Call us now for a TEST DRIVE at 1.800.481.2940 ext.1 and see the difference for yourself. Get more time, increase revenue and improve productivity with our amazing cloud software. Go paperless with Dovetail and see how much time and money you save!