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Revolutionizing Dentistry – Don’t Dread the Dentists!

Dentist and Patient

There are certain things in life that no one enjoys doing but we do them anyway. Going to the dentist is one such thing. All of us know that regular visits to the dentist are necessary for our dental health but we still dread our annual checkups. Even if we don’t like going to the dentist, we can’t deny that the whole experience has changed quite a bit.

Technology has permeated the dental appointment at every stage. Nowadays we can schedule appointments online, read up on procedures, compare prices and even get our lab results online. Your neighborhood dental practice probably has their own Facebook and Twitter page! But technology has changed more than just the non-care aspect of dentistry. There are quite a few dental technologies that have reduced or eliminated the pain associated with the dentist visit.

X-Rays Go Digital

In 2017, most people have stopped using film for capturing photos. Most – if not all – of us use our smartphones and tablets for pictures and video. While the healthcare industry has lagged a bit in adopting digital technologies, there are now quickly catching up. X-rays have also made the leap to digital imaging along with other dental processes. Digital x-rays are quickly catching on in the dental industry because they are cost-effective and quick. Patients and doctors can view the files any time they want. No more waiting for days until you can see your results!

Get Rid of Your Metal Braces

Metal braces might be necessary for correcting many dental issues but that doesn’t mean we like them. It’s always a hassle when you wear a brace – you can’t eat certain foods, cleaning it is difficult and you have to go to a dentist if it is out of alignment. With new alternatives such as Invisalign, you don’t have that burden anymore. Eat what you want while invisible braces correct those annoying dental problems. Why should braces stop you from having a beautiful smile today?

No More Messy Impressions

Taking dental impressions is an integral part of many procedures. Traditionally taking an impression from the patient involved using different types of materials. While not exactly painful, it can often be uncomfortable for the patient and result in a mess. Today dentists intraoral scanners to create a digital impression for bridges, crowns, dentures and a wide variety of dental prostheses. This new technology is cost-effective for dentists and offers more comfort for patients. As a bonus, these new procedures take much less time than traditional methods of creating impressions.

Get Rid of All the Needles

This is perhaps the most painful part of a visit to the dentist. It doesn’t matter whether your dentist is nice of whether you like them. Even thinking of needles can cause stress in some people, so it shouldn’t be surprising that many people don’t like the idea of anesthesia even if it is necessary.

Luckily we have alternatives today. One such option is called iontophoresis and new research has shown that it is a great alternative to the traditional method of needles. In this procedure, anesthetic is introduced into the body through the skin by applying an electric current instead of poking it with a needle. Apart from saving costs and time, it can also remove patient reluctance to go to the dentist.

Patients often the night that in treatments or procedures because they know it involves needles. If you take the needle out of the question, it may dramatically improve patient compliance. More people will address their dental problems quicker when they know it won’t cause them any pain. With so many new technologies changing the face of dentistry, we are one step closer to the day when a visit to the dentist won’t feel like a nightmare to patients!