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Profitability Through Innovation in Practice Management & EHR

Dovetail Profitability Through Innovation

Are you hesitant to try out EHR software because of the cost? We know that it is a significant obstacle to many smaller, family run practices. Yet the benefits of adopting an EHR can give you a positive return on your investment rather quickly. EHRs can increase your efficiency and productivity and improve reimbursement on your claims.

It takes more than just clinical skills to succeed in dentistry. Did you know that the most successful dentists are the ones who are good at managing the patient experience? They may not be the best clinicians but their patients love them. The American Dental Association lists more than 200,000 active dentists in the US. So how do you differentiate yourself from the competition?

Take a look around your practice and see which areas can be optimized or improved. One option is to start using an EHR. When you improve efficiency, you can see more patients in the same amount of time. Practice management software can be an effective solution to many problems in a dental practice but the ADA estimates that only 15% of dentists have gone paperless. So you can set yourself apart from the rest by adopting an EHR solution.

Most dental practices are either stagnant or trying to stop losses. The cost of running an office is increasing by the day. Dentists have to deal with so many types of costs – salaries, dental supplies, rent, new technology and so on. Dealing with rising costs is a daily struggle. No wonder dentists prefer to work for hospitals or corporate groups instead of running their own practice.

Dovetail can help you curtail rising costs and even make a dent in them by eliminating paper. It is made for dentists by a practicing dentist and it shows clearly throughout the software. Using Dovetail is intuitive and comfortable. Our software is cloud-based and accessible from any Internet connected device. If you capture clinical information in digital form from the start, you don’t have to touch paper at all!

With Dovetail, you don’t have to worry about being interrupted when entering data. We save your data and back it up in real-time, so you can always pick up where you left off. Our world-class servers will save your data with 99.99% integrity. After all you should be spending time on your patients, not running around after files!

If you want to try Dovetail, we can set up a test drive at any time. Simply call us at 1.800.481.2940 ext. 1 to start exploring! See what a difference it can make to your office when you go digital. Reduce overhead, cut costs and increase revenue, all while spending more time with your patients.